Portfolio of Björn Norralt

I’m Björn Norralt, a sound designer and composer/producer in Tallinn, Estonia. My music and film sound portfolio contains some student films, documentaries, stock music & sound effects as well as music production releases of the last 5 years. I’ve also added some works, where I’ve been a director and editor for videos to show my understanding of multimedia outside the sound department as well. I have excluded from the portfolio also many variuous smaller projects like advertisement sounds, sounds and music for youtube channels, Voice-over recordings for audio descriptions of Estonian feature films (for the blind) and many other student films.

1) Game relevant stock music and sound effects of the last 5 years:


2) HÕFF (Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival) Trailer (2017)
Sound Design


3) Heavy metal band Catnap’s album “Joker” (2016)

Composing, recording, vocals & guitar


4) Heavy metal band Catnap’s music video for “Joker” (2016)
Directing, puppet animating, animation lighting, editing, color grading, composing, recording, sound design


5) Student short film “Snegurochka” (“Snowgirl”) (2016)
Composing, production
(Just a trailer in the link! No streamable version of the full film)


6) My own single “Maal” (“At the countryside”) (2015)
Composing, production, mix


7) Promotion video for fire-dancing troup Dragonels (2015)
Music, Sound Design, Video directing & cut


8) Architecture Film “Õhk” (“Air”) (2015)
Sound design & Music (Won a Best of BFM award in sound/music category in 2015)


9) Student animation “This must be love” (2014)
Sound Design & final mix


10) Student animation “Gamer’s Death” (2013)
Sound Design & final mix


11) Documentary “Alati on alati” (2012)
Composer/music producer
(Unfortunately this film isn’t available for streaming and the trailer doesn’t contain my work. The film was very successful though, winning a best documentary award in Estonia)


12) Student mute short “Ellawood” (2012)